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Elder Update - August

Dear Discovery Family,

From the moment we entered this season of transition, the constant prayer of your elders has been "Lord, give us wisdom to see where you are leading and courage to lead our people to follow you."  Or, in more desperate times, it has been a much simpler "Lord, what are you up to??"  
We had repeatedly been warned from multiple sources that walking through a senior pastor transition is a long, challenging process filled with unexpected twists and turns. And indeed that has already been our experience, as we are sure the search committee will attest!  And yet, in the midst of these twists and turns, we continually see signs of the Lord's gracious provision and reminders that He is a good Father who takes good care of us.
We have also seen reminders that God is at work, not just in our body but in our city and region as well.  Indeed one of the biggest blessings Pastor Jeff has brought to our conversations is simply perspective; he is involved in truly incredible gospel work in the Sacramento region and consistently reminds us that we are not alone.
The Lord has also demonstrated His commitment to our city by bringing in a new church. As you may have heard already, Bayside, a large multi-site church in the region, is opening a campus here in Davis.  Let’s take a moment, first, to give thanks to our good Father, for giving us a visual reminder of his love for Davis.  He desires to reach the entirety of Davis, and this new church will reach people who have yet to be reached.  Please join us in saying, “Thank you, Lord!”
We have had a chance to meet with Pete Sung, the Lead Pastor of the new campus, and are incredibly encouraged by his vision and passion to bring the Gospel to this city in new and creative ways.  Pete is currently pastoring at the Bayside Midtown Campus, and the Davis campus will be primarily driven by folks from that congregation.
After hearing about Bayside’s heart for Davis and meeting with Pete, we found ourselves asking the same question, "Lord, what are you doing here?"  After all, the timing of Bayside’s decision to plant in Davis coincided with the departure of our lead Pastor, their stated mission and vision align very closely with ours, and our church has historically turned to Bayside for leadership support and development.
As we continue our process of searching for a new Senior Pastor at Discovery, we are now exploring a second option for the future of Discovery, namely joining with Bayside as they open a campus in Davis and transitioning to become a Bayside congregation.  Let us be very clear: at this point, no decision has been made to join Bayside.

Here is what has transpired since we first learned that Bayside would be coming to Davis.  Over the course of the summer, we met with Pete and began to seek input from the elder advisors in June. We received guidance from Pastor Jeff when he was hired in July, and the staff was made aware of this second option for Discovery in mid-August. Last week we held an open elders meeting with active ministry leaders to begin discussing the implications of this new church in Davis and how to lead our church in light of what the Lord is doing.
While humbly acknowledging that clear and effective communication remains a perpetual challenge for us all, and sincerely apologizing for any confusion or hurt caused by rumors or unofficial reports that may have heretofore reached you, our heart is firmly committed to leading through this transition season openly and transparently. We believe that while the Lord has chosen us to lead, He has appointed others in the congregation to give wisdom, encouragement, and counsel. We will have an open forum to discuss this option in the coming weeks, and we encourage you to join us.  As we evaluate the options God has brought before Discovery, we desire to hear from each of you regarding the following questions:

  1. What brought you to Discovery? Why did you first decide to visit?
  2. What has kept you at Discovery? Why did you decide to make Discoveryyour home?

Wherever the Lord chooses to lead our church, we recognize that He is doing something significant in our city, moving in a way that stirs passion for the Gospel and rekindles our desire to see the Kingdom of God growing here.

We invite you to ask us questions, give your input and share your response to the questions above by September 10th by emailing us: When the date and location of the forum are announced, we will share that with you via email. And we invite you to pray, asking the Lord to help you to listen carefully, and to share what you hear with us.
In Christ,
Your elders
GR, Jake, Jorge, & Justin