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Elder Update - September

Dear Discovery Family,

Thank you for patiently receiving this and our recent other long emails. We thought it would be both important and helpful, with all the various transitions we've experienced, to send a quick note to all of you.

First and foremost, we would like to remind you that we are in this season together as a family — a family led by the most faithful, good, and loving Father we can imagine.  He is, day by day, working things together for our good, growing us and stretching us into maturity.
Secondly, we want to give an update on where we are with both the pastoral search process and conversations related to joining Bayside's church planting efforts.  Our plan from the beginning of the period of transition, which began last December as Pastor John finished his work with us, was to lead the church diligently, even without a senior pastor. We recognize that in some ways, we've done so, and in many others we have fallen short. One thing we recognized we needed was transitional pastoral leadership which we provided in bringing on Jeff Kreiser. We also affirm the work of the pastoral search team that has continued meeting faithfully during the last nine months and have recently submitted to the elders a detailed recruitment notice that will be used if the Lord calls us to continue our search for a new lead pastor of Discovery. 
In the midst of this transitional season, we became aware that the Lord had stirred the hearts of leaders at Bayside Church to open a new Bayside campus in our city. As Christ’s followers, we joyfully and wholeheartedly applaud and support this effort, recognizing that Davis is in great need of Jesus and that a new church will provide new opportunities for those who do not know the Lord to come to know him.
We included in our consideration the thought that the Lord had timed Bayside's arrival to provide support to Discovery, and if the Lord was perhaps calling us to work together as one body rather than separately. We entered into a period of reflection and listening, seeking wise counsel and input from our leaders and the body as a whole.
We are now nearing the end of this season of reflection.  In fact, this Thursday evening will mark its close. A few elders will gather at our Downtown Center from 7-8pm to provide an in-person opportunity for those who did not write in or have not yet shared their thoughts.  You are welcome to join us.
After Thursday, we will take a short and focused period of time to review what we've learned and to pray and seek the Lord together as elders.  We will then share what we've learned and where the Lord is leading us before the end of September.  

As we close this communication, we want to let you know that the Leach family has been doing some reflecting of their own in the midst of this. Yesterday, September 11th, Joe Leach let us know that he is stepping down from his position as Elder Advisor and head of the Search Committee and will be joining his family in finding a new church home. We honor and thank them for their faithful service to Discovery and pray that the Lord will help them find a congregation that will fit their current, unique family needs. We have begun the process of considering who the Lord may have to replace Joe as head of the Search Committee and will make a decision by the end of September.
We recognize that for some of you this period of waiting is extremely challenging and the changes in staff and leadership have only made it more difficult. We have felt this as well. In the midst of this trying season, finding peace and joy instead of anxiety can be a real challenge for us all.  It is at these moments that we must take heart, remembering that our Lord is faithfully with us always, and that He makes intercession for us and calls us to be united as one body.
Please patiently bear with us, press in through prayer, and remember we have a good and loving Father who is firmly and completely in control and who is orchestrating our body’s maturing process as we walk through this season with Him. 
In Christ,

Your Elders
Jake, Justin, GR and Jorge