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New Look For Family Worship

Dear Discovery Families,

We are so very excited to have a Family Worship time this Sunday, 3/6. While many of you have experienced Family Worship in Discovery before, there are a few changes that we want you to be aware of as you prepare your children for this Sunday and beyond. First, a couple definitions:

FAMILY SUNDAY: Moving forward, this will refer to those Sundays when your children join you for the whole service. These will happen every 3-4 months and be specifically designed to engage your children with a short and interactive message, fun songs, engaging illustrations, and family activities. For those of you who joined us for our December "Compassion" (Amen!) service, that is the vision for every Family Sunday.

FAMILY WORSHIP: Moving forward, this will refer to those Sundays when your children join you for the song and offering portion of the main service, and then are dismissed to their classes for age-appropriate teaching. On these Sundays, the opening worship will be of the usual type, with the goal of allowing our children to see their parents engaged in worship. We think there is tremendous value in witnessing that engagement as we disciple our children.

Currently, only grades Kindergarten-Fourth (Colts and Eagles classes) will join us for Family Worship. Our new electronic check-in system makes this possible. Please check-in your children as usual. Nursery through Pre-K (Chicks, Lambs, and Cubs) will attend their classrooms. For children K-4, please check-in, put one of the name tags on your child, and put the other one on the check-in board that will be located at the electronic check-in table. Please sit together and enjoy the worship time!

The children will be dismissed after songs and offering, and before the sermon (approximately 10;25 am). They will meet their teachers at the back of the theater and go on to class. Please check-in your children BEFORE bringing them into the theater.

Please pick up your children as usual after the service.

REMINDER: only Kindergarten through Fourth Grade (Eagles and Colts) will participate in Family Worship. They younger children, preschool, toddlers, and babies (Cubs, Lambs, and Chicks), will go to their usual classes. We may expand our Family Worship to all ages in the future, but we are starting smaller this Sunday to work out the kinks with our older students first.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns with our Family Worship or with Family Sunday. Our next Family Sunday is scheduled for Sunday, May 1.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience with our Family Worship this Sunday. Looking forward to seeing you in church!

For families for Christ,
The Discovery Kids Team