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Transition FAQs

Richert Departure FAQs


Q: When did John decide to leave?

A: While any transition of this magnitude is always preceded by a period of intense conversation, reflection, and prayer, the actual decision that John would step down was made sometime during the month of November and officially confirmed December 1.


Q: When is their last Sunday?

A: John’s last Sunday preaching will be January 22. January 29 will be the Richert family’s last day at Discovery and a special celebratory send-off is being planned.


Q: Who are the elders now and will that be changing?

A: Currently (as of December 2016) Discovery’s elders are John Richert, Justin Koenigshof, and Jake Hosier. With John’s departure an additional elder will be needed to fulfill the legal requirements of our church organization. It is likely that the elders will appoint an interim elder to serve for a short period while new elders are sought.


Q: How will decisions be made about the church in the near future?

A: While the elders will continue to provide guidance and leadership for the church we recognize the importance of drawing in wise counsel and support from the body. We will be leaning heavily upon the leadership team (elders, staff, deacons, ministry leaders) and will likely be seeking out others to serve as advisors to the elder board.


Q: What about Sundays? Who will be preaching?

A: John, the elders, and the teaching team are developing a series and plan to lead us through the next several months of the year. We will rely heavily upon staff, teaching team, and our elders for our teaching and preaching needs. It is also likely that we will receive some outside assistance from regional churches.


Q: Will we be searching for a new lead pastor?

A: Absolutely, we will begin a search process in the near future.


Q: How are the staff doing?

A: The staff are, overall, in excellent shape. Over the last several months Roli Resendez has assumed greater responsibility over many aspects of church administration. In his new position as Associate Pastor for Worship and Administration Roli will provide much of the daily leadership necessary for the staff team. We should note that Roli’s promotion to Associate Pastor, while conveniently timed with John’s decision to step down, was made independently and had been finalized well in advance of John’s final decision.


Q: How can I help?

A: Great question! We would ask everyone in Discovery to join us in prayer, recognizing that transitions are times that God intends to use for great good and Satan would use for great destruction. We would also ask everyone to continue to serve as they are now serving and, if they feel called by the Holy Spirit to serve in new ways, to let us know.