This week is Church in the Park! See you at Rainbow City (Community Park) at 10 am. As always, you can catch up on weekly teachings here or here!

Join us sundays at 10 AM


Spend time with us at Discovery and you will be invited into a simple, but rich, adventure of Discipleship in the way of Jesus utilizing practices, rhythms, and postures.

The primary rhythm of discipleship at Discovery follows the Up-In-Out pattern represented in the diagram above. Pressing into each of these three rhythms leads to greater shalom (peace and wholeness through right relationships) individually and collectively. 

Following Jesus’ example (see Luke 6:12-19) we begin with the Up rhythm: right relationship with God. For us this includes many of the spiritual Practices we engage throughout the year (Prayer, Fasting, Solitude, etc), as well as the Sacraments of Worship and Communion that we share when we Gather on Sunday mornings. Jesus needed that deep connection to the Father (Luke 6:12), how much more do we!

Following Jesus is not a solo affair. Our faith comes alive in relationships with people and there are two corresponding rhythms. First: In. Jesus called others to journey with him (Luke 6:13-16). Through friendships within our community we are able to serve one another, grow in love for Jesus’ church, and practice the hard work of forgiveness and reconciliation that leads to unity and mission. This happens most in the context of Mid-Sized Communities and Discovery Groups. 

Speaking of mission, this leads us to the third rhythm: Out. Good news is meant to be shared. We seek to bless our larger community through serving, loving, and sacrificing for others. Jesus meets tangible needs (Luke 6:17-19), and invites us to follow his example. To learn more about these opportunities check out our generosity page.

Taken together Up-In-Out leads us to a full, healthy, posture of discipleship in the abundant life Jesus offers us.


**This model is adapted from the work of Mike Breen and 3DM. See Breen’s book Building a Discipling Culture for a longer treatment of this model.**