IMPORTANT:  No online gathering March 7th. Visit our Serve Sunday page for more information. 


A common entry point to our church community is our Sunday morning Gatherings. However, we believe the church is a movement of people, not an event on a Sunday morning. Our mid-week Discovery Groups are vital to our mission. 

What is a Discovery Group?

Discovery Groups are smaller communities (12-15 people) who meet weekly to process what we are learning, practice together the ways of Jesus, and find meaningful friends for the journey.  

Groups are always open and often include people from many different walks of life. Groups are designed to regularly grow and multiply so that new groups form, new leaders emerge, and more space is created for people to discover the good news of Jesus.  

For the most part, our groups track with our Gathering content (and that will be true of our mainstream groups this fall). However, we are offering two alternative groups that will explore different issue in greater depth. One group will focus on contemplative Practices for spiritual formation. The other group will explore some of big questions and frustrations with the church and how we can move through that to recover (and discover) the good news of Jesus. 

How can you connect with a Discovery Group?

Check out our Discovery Group Table on Sunday mornings where you will find pictures and information on each group. Or go ahead and email one of our group hosts listed below. We welcome you to visit different Groups and find the community that best fits this season of life. If you want more general information or help figuring out what group would be a good fit for you, send us an email!  

 Find your Discovery Group below.






 Zoom, 5-weeks Community and Spiritual Formation   Grace Cooper  EMAIL

Community and Spiritual Formation

Central Davis Community and Spiritual Formation Liz McAllister & Jeff Hadachek EMAIL
Central Davis Community and Spiritual Formation  Ian & Aki Chaffin EMAIL
Central Davis   Community and Spiritual Formation   Ed Diggs & Michael Ragone EMAIL 
Zoom, 8-weeks Spiritual Formation for Families  Steve and Amy Boutry EMAIL
 Central Davis Community and Spiritual Formation  Yuan & Joy Cheng  EMAIL
 North/South Davis Community and Spiritual Formation   Justin Koenigshof EMAIL
East Davis Community and Spiritual Formation  Scott & Carrie Palmer EMAIL
 Interested in hosting a Discovery Group? EMAIL US