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Elder Update - July

Dear Discovery,

Before you go any further in this email we encourage you to stop and take a quick second to say “Thank you God!”  We do this because God, our good Father, has, is, and will always take excellent care of us.  We most recently experienced Him doing so just a few weeks ago as we celebrated the 100th birthday of the City of Davis on the 4th of July.
If you didn’t catch the Davis Enterprise article that praised the Family Fun Field we hosted you can do so online here. There is a fantastic photo of Levi Resendez jumping in the sack races that you don’t want to miss!
We thank God for giving us the honor to shepherd a congregation like Discovery, a church with over 100 adult volunteers who showed up on the 4th of July to bless our community. Continue to pray for the relationships formed that day and consider how you might use this story as a way to introduce your friends and neighbors to the love of Christ.
In addition there are a number of other updates for your review below – all very good news.  As always, if you have questions, need prayer, or want to share some of the exciting things the Lord is doing in your life, you can reach us at
1) Transition Pastor Update
JeffKreiserWe would like to invite you to join us in welcoming Pastor Jeff Kreiser to Discovery’s leadership team.  Pastor Jeff has agreed to come on board and assist us as a transition pastor, a leader whose work focuses on bridging the period between senior pastors. 
Pastor Jeff will be joining us on a part-time basis, preaching occasionally and focusing most of his efforts on encouraging and developing our staff and lay leadership.  We are fortunate to be able to bring on a senior leader with his depth of experience pastoring, teaching, and developing networks to transform cities through the power of the Gospel. 
We look forward to welcoming Pastor Jeff on Sunday, July 23 and we invite you to read more about him here.
2) Lead Pastor Search Update from Joe Leach
Over the last several months, it has been genuinely incredible to experience the Holy Spirit using people to address various areas within the culture of Discovery.  “What does this have to do with the Lead Pastor Search Committee process?”  In an effort to develop a recruitment process of a caliber that genuinely represents the Body of Christ at Discovery, the Search Committee has wrestled with a variety of issues.  This “wrestling” has synchronized seamlessly with the Holy Spirit’s guidance in the appointment of Jeff Kreiser as Transition Pastor and the addition of others on the Elder Advisors and the Teaching Team.  Additionally, the Holy Spirit has ignited a renewed focus and direction among Search Committee members to deliver a “trackable” process as a means of communication with the Body.  Have you ever seen a new road constructed or an old one rehabilitated?  Critical to the performance of the final roadway are the assessment and treatment of the underlying soils.  They must be analyzed, tested, excavated and compacted (i.e. “worked”) before rock and asphalt are placed.  I believe the Search Committee has been preparing the roadway understructure.  By the August Update, the Search Committee will issue a “road map” for the process and provide specific, measurable milestones.
We GREATLY value your continued prayers… the Search Committee consists of Robert Boulware, Yuan Cheng, Vladimir Diaz-Ochoa, Fred Greaves, Kayla Koenigshof, Shauna Oh, Beverly Schacherbauer and Joe Leach.  As we trust that the Holy Spirit will lead you to intercede on our behalf, please also pray for our families, jobs, focus, and an increasing measure of trust of the Holy Spirit and His leading.
If you would like to provide input into the process contact or Joe Leach, Search Committee Chair, at
As always, we encourage you to join us in prayer, either privately or at one of our prayer nights, and to continue to seek the Lord as He leads us in our daily mission to meet people where they are and lead them to be disciples of Jesus Christ who make disciples of Jesus Christ.

--Your Elders (Jake, Justin, Jorge, and GR)