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Pastoral Search Team Update - March

Dear Discovery,

Much is happening in the life of our church right now! We are beginning to wrap up our Ephesians series, plan for Easter, and we are just about to send a large team down to Haiti to work with Danita's Children. We are also continuing to make progress with our search for a new lead Pastor and would like to provide a brief update on where that stands. Below is an update from Joe Leach, who is leading our Search Committee.


Hi Discovery,

Over the last 6 weeks I have met with a half dozen people related to the search process. Aside from several current Discovery staff members, I have met with a couple of people that have a wealth of experience with pastoral transitions. One such meeting was with a member of the search committee at University Covenant Church. The common thread gleaned from ALL of these conversations is: “We’re right where we should be… trusting the Holy Spirit as we navigate through the process.”

Ok, some “nuts & bolts” activity: I have approached approximately a dozen people who have demonstrated a heart for Jesus and His Body at Discovery. By the end of the March, I trust we will have a Search Committee of 5-7 people ready to map out and take this journey. The next stop on our “road trip” is the Search Committee's inaugural “scoping” meeting in mid-April.

Travel update: MOST road trips have pit stops, scenic vistas and unforeseen quandaries. I am convinced that we may experience all the dynamics of a “road trip,” but nothing will escape the loving gaze of our Father. Amidst the tendency to be anxious over the apparent lack of progress, roll down your window and let your arm soar!!!

Arrival at the Search Committee’s final destination will not be marked by a checkered flag or by the best time possible. Our “finish line” is the recommendation of up to three, Holy Spirit-endorsed candidates for consideration by the Selection Committee.

Should you have any questions, concerns, or bemusements regarding anything that has been (or not been) communicated, please contact me at


Church, we encourage you to remember during this critical season the importance of prayer and care for one another. Join us the second and fourth Mondays of every month for a prayer meeting at the Downtown Center from 7 to 8PM, spend more time praying for wisdom and support during Discovery group, and continue to individually ask God for His mercy, grace, peace, and joy to reign in our midst.

We recognize that for many of you this has already been a challenging year, one filled with days of anxiety, depression, or confusion. Your elders, church staff and Discovery Group leaders are here to care for you. Please seek us out so we can support you.

For those of you experiencing freedom and joy during this season, rejoice in the Lord and ask Him to help you spread that out into the lives of those around you in Discovery, here in Davis, and out into the world.

In Christ,

Your Elders (Jake, Justin, and Jorge)