We're back in the Brunelle Theater! Join us Sunday, October 24th! Digital Gatherings will continue streaming on YouTube.

We love being in the middle of the action in our community. Since July 2011 we've had a 24/7 space at Mansion Square in the heart of downtown Davis. We are right by the Hot Dogger, Philz, Chipotle, Mishka’s, Sophia’s and all the other places you frequent.

We welcome you to stop by (132 E St., Suite 250, Davis CA 95616) and say hi, ask questions, or post up for a while to study and use our wi-fi. Open hours are:

           Monday-Thursday          8:30AM-4PM

Our desire is that our city, students, campus groups, and church will use this space for:

  • A quiet study or work place
  • Group or leadership meetings
  • Use our library full of books on marriage, parenting, leadership and spiritual life
  • Free Wi-Fi

For more information on reserving our Downtown gathering space, email us.