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Grace Cooper

Grace 10.2020 - Edited

Grace Cooper
Kid's Director

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Grace Cooper was born in Detroit, MI and raised in Richmond, California. At the age of 5 she asked Jesus into her heart and had the assurance she was part of His forever family. The journey that began in Kindergarten has taken many unexpected twists and turns, but the unmistakable thread through it all, is the love of Jesus; His unending grace poured out over the good, the bad and the ugly of her life, and His constant invitation for her to come ever closer. Grace’s passion is to invite children into the wonder, awe and worship of this God Who gave His own life so we could live life with Him in abundance! 

Grace married her husband in 1991, and together they have four adult children who are scattered across the country. She is learning to let go and let them live their own’s a work in progress :)