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Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision

Discovery Church was planted in Davis in 2001 and first gathered for worship in February 2002. Today we continue our commitment to leading you to know and live for Jesus. We carry out our ministry with the conviction that God has a purpose for this church in Davis. And we want you to know He has a purpose for YOU!


We are here to meet people where they are and lead them to be disciples of Jesus Christ who make disciples of Jesus Christ.

We are here to lead people to discover who Jesus Christ is and to follow Him. We believe Jesus truly transforms our lives and our eternal future, so we want to share him with everyone! In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus commanded his followers to go and make disciples by baptizing new believers and then teaching them to obey all he had taught in his words and example. So that remains our mission as a Christ-centered church today. We are here to meet people where they are, whatever their background, and lead them to be disciples who grow to make more disciples. Thus, we envision an intentionally discipled church that goes out into our city every week intent on sharing Jesus and making disciples.

We carry out this mission in two primary environments - in our Sunday Worship Gatherings and in our Discovery Groups. On Sundays we gather to stir our hearts towards Jesus and connect people with one another. Together we welcome people from all backgrounds and worship Jesus through music, offerings and teaching the Bible. Then we help people take the next step to connect with other men, women, families and students.



a CHURCH reaching our CITY to change our WORLD.



Church is more than a building, an hour on Sunday morning, or a potluck dinner.  Ultimately, the church is a people redeemed by Jesus and filled with the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we seek to go through life together as an intentional community of Christ followers carrying out his mission.

As busy people, the last thing we need is a bunch of activities on our schedule.  So here in Discovery we envision an intentional pathway for effectively leading people to be disciples that will then go and make disciples throughout their lifetime. You may only be in Davis for a short period of time, but we desire to make the most of the months or years and help you discover more of God's good purpose in your life.

We hope every person in Discovery - man or woman, student, single or family, young or old - will participate in two main Discovery environments.  We hope you will attend a our Sunday Worship Gathering when the  the whole church comes together to be refreshed in Jesus, reminded of our need for community, and refocused on the person and work of Jesus Christ. Then we hope you will take the step to connect with a mid-week Discovery Group.  Discovery Groups are the primary vehicle of care, discipleship and mission in Discovery. Our desire is that every person in Discovery will be connected in meaningful community and Discovery Groups provide the best opportunity for everyone to find the care, discipleship and mission in Discovery.


Davis is indeed a great city.  Nearly 70,000 people call Davis home throughout the year, and we believe God has called us here to reach them with the good news of Jesus.  We are city of people pursuing knowledge, but only the knowledge of Jesus is truly life-transforming.  We are a city of people that love the idea of community, but only community with God and His people extends into eternity.  Many of us come to Davis for great earthly purpose, but have we grasped God's great and eternal purpose for our lives?  

Churches often think of “missions” as what we do around the world. Here in Discovery, we believe we have an incredible mission field in our own backyard.   So we begin with looking right outside our doors and sharing Jesus with the 65,000 people who call Davis home.  We encourage every follower of Jesus to consider how God is calling us to go and make disciples in our families, neighborhoods, campus and city.  


The world literally comes to Davis.  Beyond all the amazing people who come to Davis from around California and the rest of the US, nearly 5,000 international students and researchers come to Davis each year.  Many of those who come to Davis will spend time here and then head back around our state, nation and world.  And you are world-changers!  So it is our desire that everyone who comes to Davis to get an education also have the opportunity to respond to the good news of Jesus Christ.  Those who are changed by him then are truly equipped to change the world as we go to be His hands, His feet, and His voice to a world in need.  

By sharing Jesus, intentionally discipling his followers, and then sending us back into the world, we believe Discovery will have an extraordinary impact on the world and on eternity.