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Daren decon

Daren was born and raised in San Jose, CA and graduated from Western Seminary with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and works as a therapist. He started attending Discovery in 2020 and is married to Lisa. He also has one son, two dogs, one rabbit, and three guitars. He's become a bit of a coffee snob as he grows older, but will happily drink nearly any coffee put in front of him.

Daren likes to invest deeply into just a few things, but is interested in and curious about many things - which can sometimes be an overwhelming combination. He loves conversation with others and learning about others, but doesn't tend to hang out in the small talk zone too long (job hazard?). He really loves engaging around the deeper, more revealing matters of life and figuring out how those apply to life and how to try and live that out. He loves Discovery (probably should change the name to "Discovering") because of how actively invested it is in the process of discovering God as individuals, as a diverse church community, and the unique purpose our church has in living that out on the local and global levels. As he puts it, he's never met a group of Christians who are trying so hard to imagine how the church must evolve while simultaneously loving Jesus and respecting his teaching.