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We believe that in order to experience the good news of Jesus we actually have to live the way he invited us to live. This means practicing his ways in order to more fully experience the kingdom of right relationships.

Over the centuries, many Jesus followers have developed "disciplines" to help them live out Jesus' way of life in our world. At Discovery we prefer the term practice as it implies a process of growth. We never fully arrive at the destination until Jesus returns and we get to experience the fullness of the resurrection.

But in the meantime there are glimpses and tastes of that reality, and one of the best ways to access that reality (right relationship with God and others) is through spiritual practices.

In the coming year we will focus on the following practices in our gatherings (including kids and youth), in our groups, and in the ways we seek to be generous towards our larger community.

Discovery Practices (2024):

Discovery Practices (2023):

Discovery Practices (2022):

Discovery Practices (2021):

Discovery Practices (2020):