We hope you'll join our Gathering on Sunday, October 1st at 10AM at the Brunelle Theater. We're still there while the school is under construction! You can also view the livestream on our Youtube channel.

Join us sundays at 10 AM

Our Mission: Discovering the good news of Jesus together.

What is the good news of Jesus? Glad you asked! We believe that God created the world and called it good (Genesis 1:31). This goodness is best expressed in the Hebrew word: shalom. Shalom describes a rich hierarchy of right relationships between God and people, between human beings, and between humans and the rest of creation.

However, humans rebelled against this good state of shalom and the impact of that rebellion (what we call sin) is broken relationships in each direction. 

But, God did not leave us there! He sent his son, Jesus, to be with us, to live with us, to teach us about his kingdom, and ultimately to overcome the effects of sin through his death and resurrection. As a result God is reconciling all things to himself (Colossians 1:15-20), making a way for us to be in right relationship with him, with each other, and with his good creation.

This is grace, a good gift, good news indeed!

It doesn't end there, though. We get to participate in this adventure of renewal, restoration, and reconciliation. 

Our mission is to invite everyone to participate in this adventure.

Our Vision: a multiplying church, planting multiplying churches.

We believe that the church is the primary vehicle through which Jesus builds his kingdom of right relationships. We want to join him in making disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20).

Central to our vision is the image of a Bridge. We seek to be a bridge building church, spanning individuals and organizations, families and institutions, crossing barriers so that the kingdom of right relationships can take root in our community. 

As we build bridges together we hope that disciples are made, leaders are developed, and new churches emerge in our area and all over the world.

Our Values: 

At Discovery we have four core values that inform how we live out our mission and vision, and we represent them through four hashtags.

  • #ChurchForTheRestOfUs

    The kingdom of God is about sacrificial love and moving towards those who have been left out. We are most clearly walking with Jesus when we're following His lead in sacrificial mission, so we seek to lay aside typical ways of "doing church" to pursue #therestofus.

  • #BetterTogether

    We were made to live in community. People are messy, but it's in the messiness of community that God does His work and the transformative power of the gospel shines through.

  • #HeroMaker

    Jesus is the hero of the story, but God has always been about inviting His people to participate in His creative, restorative, and redemptive work. We are most fully ourselves when we are actively engaged in Jesus' mission to restore all of creation.

  • #FunIsSpiritual

    God wants to transform the whole of us: from the way we worship, to the way we work, to the way we play. We celebrate joy and freedom as part of healthy spirituality.