We hope you'll join our Gathering on Sunday, April 2nd at 10AM at the Brunelle Theater. We're still there while the school is under construction! You can also view the livestream on our Youtube channel.

David Croft

David sq22

Director of Youth Ministry

Get to know David! Send him an email at david@discoverydavis.org.

Where would you want to go on vacation?

The Grand Canyon

Favorite local coffee shop/ drink to order? 

Keep it simple - house drip Coffee from Mishka's or Temple

Significant verse / book: 

1 Cor 13 (or if you need a single verse, 1 Cor 13:13)

Favorite hobby / passion: 

Ultimate Frisbee

Random fact: 

I've worked quite a few odds and ends jobs - everything from a trivia show host, to a math tutor, ministry intern, optometry assistant, and food service worker.

What do you hope people know about your heart for Jesus & ministry? 

My walk with God came alive when I experienced and learned of the centrality of love and relationship with God and others. Now I'm passionate about helping others experience and embrace a dynamic life that is built on and centered around God's boundless love.