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Ryan deacon

Ryan grew up in the beautiful North Bay. After living abroad, then moving around the Bay Area, she settled in Davis in 2017 with her husband, two children, and two dogs. Ryan loves the small town vibes and farming roots of Davis, which remind her of her hometown.

Ryan works as a Child Life Specialist at a pediatric hospital in Sacramento. She helps children cope with hospitalization by providing medical preparation and opportunities for play that allow kids to still be kids in spite of their illness. In her free time, Ryan enjoys traveling, getting crafty (ask her about her homemade piñatas), working out, and supporting her favorite football team Liverpool (they don’t call it soccer in her house!).

At Discovery, Ryan has found a community that embraces people no matter their backgrounds or church experience. She desires to help others experience God’s love through this sense of community. If there’s ever an opportunity to hang out and chat over a good cup of coffee, Ryan will be there!