We hope you'll join our Gathering on Sunday, April 2nd at 10AM at the Brunelle Theater. We're still there while the school is under construction! You can also view the livestream on our Youtube channel.

Steve Boutry

Steve sq22

Lead Pastor

Get to know Steve! Email him at steve@discoverydavis.org.

Where would you want to go on vacation?

The Santa Cruz Mountains

Favorite local coffee shop/ drink to order?

Pachamama Coffee (A pour over of any of their South American medium roasts…chefs kiss!)

Significant verse / book:

Matthew (especially Matthew 7:24)

Favorite hobby / passion: 

Reading, Records, and Running (shout out to Avid Reader, Armadillo Records, and Fleet Feet of Davis)

Random fact: 

Lived in India for 6 months when I was a kid

What do you hope people know about your heart for Jesus & ministry? 

I love helping spiritual sojourners and explorers recover and discover the good news of Jesus