Join us for a live gathering at Community Park Sunday, April 18th! Click here for details. Digital Gatherings will continue streaming on YouTube.

Giving and Gatherings

Hello Discovery!

We have two things to talk about this morning, this first day of October:

First- How amazing it was to gather together LIVE this past Sunday! Seeing each other's faces in person, taking communion, and experiencing being the body of Christ together was a refresher for the soul. We plan to meet again this Sunday, October 4th at 10AM at the same place-the Bet Haverim synagogue at 1715 Anderson Street. With smoke in the area again, we will cancel if the air quality is too unhealthy. If that is the case we'll send an update on Saturday, but otherwise plan to join with us! For those who cannot make it or don't feel comfortable, there will be a digital gathering on YouTube as usual. 

Second- a note about giving. THANK YOU for giving worshipfully, missionally and sacrificially here at Discovery. We are so grateful for your partnership with us to help people discover the good news of Jesus. Today we are changing our online giving platform. Like having too many video streaming options, it can be overwhelming engaging with so many systems. We've moved to a more user friendly platform for both our admin and for you. We hope this change will create space digitally where we can more easily connect with each other, and ensure that your giving continues to move the mission of Discovery forward.

What does this mean for you? You will not notice much on the front end!  You can continue to give online through the website or app, or go directly to Here you can set up automatic giving through your bank (less fees!) or credit card, and checks can continue to be mailed to our Downtown Center. If you have any questions on how to do this, or get stuck anywhere along the way please reach out to us at

Thank you again for your faithfulness and partnership. We look forward to being together again soon.

Grace and Peace,