Join us for a live gathering at Community Park Sunday, April 18th! Click here for details. Digital Gatherings will continue streaming on YouTube.

Happy 2019!

Happy 2019 Discovery! This month I want to begin by thanking you all for helping us finish 2018 strong financially. You can access your 2018 year end giving statements via Discovery Connect (Get Statement). If you need help logging in or accessing your giving statement you can view further instructions or email us.

Along those lines, this coming week our conversation will be focused around the big themes of money, generosity and trust. I invite all of you to join us Sunday night (1/27) for our “State of Discovery” gathering (6-7 PM at the Downtown Center). We’ll go through the financial state of the church and talk about how that connects to our vision as we move ahead into the new year. I’m really excited about the opportunity to talk about a subject (money) that I think a lot of people in church shy away from. Jesus doesn’t and neither should we!

Finally, I want to reiterate my challenge from Sunday to spend the next 30 days cultivating a new discipline (or recovering an old discipline) of prayer. Whether that’s praying through the Lord’s Prayer, practicing the Daily Examen, focusing your prayer on a cause or topic, or journaling, I am excited to hear about what God does through this challenge for us, individually and collectively.

I am inviting you, once we get closer to mid-February to share your story. Send me an email titled “Prayer Challenge” and then name what you did and what you experienced. We hope to share some of those stories (with your permission of course) with the whole community. I can’t wait to hear about what happens!

Grace and peace,