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Holy Week, Easter, Ways to Serve


According to the Gospel of John, Jesus very early in his public ministry made this bold proclamation: “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.” It wasn’t until much later that anyone really understood what he was talking about.

We enter now into Holy Week, a time set aside for remembering the death of Jesus, but also for celebrating his resurrection.

It certainly feels different this year. I think we resonate much more deeply with the “destroy” part of Jesus’ proclamation, and we struggle with the rebuilding/raise again part.

In our instant/digital society, where we usually have everything at our fingertips, this is a Holy Week we will never forget.

I believe it is a moment ripe with potential for our faith to grow. Why? Because all we have right now is hope that the things we are doing will produce fruit somewhere down the line (potentially really far down the line).

Whether that’s social distancing,
or prayer,
or reaching out to people,
or giving to the church,
or investing in our kids,
or practicing the disciplines,
very little of what we do right now
will provide us with the sort of immediate feedback that we are accustomed to.

Yet, this is the life of faith: trusting the bigger story, the God who is still in control, that someday this will make some sort of sense.

And so, I can’t wait for Sunday and to celebrate Easter with you all, even if it will be very different this year.

Two challenges:

  1. First challenge: would you join me in praying this week? Pray for the Lord to increase our faith. Pray for people to discover good news this Holy Week. Pray for our Easter celebration (not just Discovery, but the Global Church).
  2. Second challenge: what does it look like to invite someone to celebrate Easter with us? Who needs good news right now?!

Finally, a few updates and invitations:

  1. We had an all community generosity zoom conversation on Friday and it was great to start dreaming about collective responses to this moment. We will continue the conversation soon, in the meantime buy local, check on your neighbors, and stay connected to each other. If you have an idea, email
  2. Many of you have asked how you can serve. Good question! One way to serve is to join our caller list and be making phone calls to check in with people during the week. You can email to join that team.
  3. We are also looking for folks with web, photography, and video editing skills. Or if you have equipment like photography lights, editing software, etc, let us know! (email
  4. Last but not least, give to the General fund, give to the Care and Compassion Fund (to be used to meet needs like groceries, rent, etc).

I apologize for the longer email this week, but I love you guys, wish we could all be together, and I am praying for our faith to grow. 

Grace and Peace,