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Would you consider giving to Discovery this season?

Hello Discovery Family!

It is mid-December 2022, which means it is Year End Giving time. One of the things we like to say around here is that Generosity is a “get to”, “not a have to,” and it is very much in that spirit that I can share with you that 2022 has been a great year of Generosity for us.

We have already equaled 2021 giving, which means this is not an ask out of crisis or need. Praise God! Instead this is an invitation to consider making a final gift to Discovery in 2022 that can be strategic and fun, which is a beautiful way to give!

If you are willing and able to give before the end of the year I want to ask you to consider giving to either our Intern Fund or our Generosity Fund, rather than the general fund. 

Our internship program is one of the best stories from this past year. Pamela, Ross, and Joshua have been awesome and your giving supports their experience and will set us up for future cohorts. Would you consider investing in these young leaders? Doing so is shaping the future of THE Church.

Giving to our generosity fund helps support local folks in need, our mission partners around the world, and our teams we send on short term trips: like the team we sent to Montevideo in March of 2022 and the one we are sending to Chile in February 2023.

Thank you for your giving to Discovery in 2022. This has been a big year of generosity for us and I am impressed, humbled, and inspired. Love you guys! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!