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You've heard this right?

Hello Friends!

By now you’ve probably heard me make this speech a few times, but I’ll say it again: at Discovery we aim to structure ourselves very simply. By focusing on Gatherings, Groups, and Generosity we hope to provide space for community, joy, and authenticity to multiply as we point people to the good news about Jesus.

One of the things I am most excited about for 2019 is gaining clarity around the Generosity piece of the puzzle. We want to be a church that loves our neighbors well, and this impulse is starting to gain tangible traction.

One way we are tackling this is through our 2019 tithing challenge, as we seek to support the work that God is doing in and through Discovery. Our growth in tithing will allow us to expand our ability to support good work in Davis and around the world. (A quick and easy way to set up your tithe is online).

Another way we are growing in this area is through small decisions that can have a large impact. We started serving coffee from 1951 Coffee Company in January. 1951 does amazing work with the refugee community in the Bay Area and San Diego (and coming soon to Sacramento). Their training program is employing many refugees, while at the same time creating networks of relationships and opportunities to be involved with local churches. Our use of their coffee won’t change the world, but it is a great example of a small choice that creates a better story.

Finally, we are sending a team this summer to serve in San Diego with Kaleo Missions. Kaleo does great work among marginalized communities (including recent immigrants, refugees, and those experiencing homelessness). Our hope is to learn from them some postures towards these communities that we can adopt here in Davis and Yolo County to better serve our neighbors.

If you would like more information on the trip email the missions team (, or fill out an application here.

I am stoked by our church’s response already to each of these challenges and opportunities, and I am looking forward to the fruit that will come as we continue to press into the question of what it looks like for us to be a generous community.

grace and peace,