This Sunday, April 28th, is SERVE SUNDAY. To join one of our Neighborhood Communities in loving our neighbors, click HERE!

Join us sundays at 10 AM

Solitude, Silence and Sundays!

Whether you joined us live or online, we hope the word shared this Sunday about the practice of Silence and Solitude was a breath of fresh air for your soul. We've put together a resource guide for you as you explore this loving invitation to spend time with Jesus, and get away from the noise of our busy world.

We loved celebrating a baptism last month, and have had even more interest from people who want to be baptized! We will be devoting another Sunday afternoon in June to this joyous celebration. If you have questions about baptism or would like to be a part of this, let us know. Email Steve to find out more!

Finally, on May 16th we start up our new Sunday sermon series we're calling "Ekklesia". We'll do a deep dive into the book of Acts and follow the acts of the Holy Spirit and the early church. You won't want to miss it! Join us at Community Park on Sundays at 10AM. Bring somthing to sit on, and we'll provide hot coffee and cool drinks.

See you soon Discovery!