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Adventure Awaits in 2023!

Discovery Family!

Well, if I have learned anything over the last 4.5 years leading our community it is that there is always an adventure waiting. This past weekend the adventure involved storms, power outages, and canceling our first Gathering of the year. Not Fun!

Looking ahead, though, I am very excited for the adventure of 2023 (Super Fun!). The theme of the year, as set by our elders, is “growing roots,” sensing that God is calling us to grow deeper even as we reach farther (you should be visualizing your favorite majestic tree at this point ;) ).

In our Sunday Gatherings and our Neighborhood Communities we’re going to consider together:

  • A Fresh Start for 2023 (Jan 15th)

  • Our Vision (Jan 22-Feb 5)

  • Foundational Practices (Feb 12-March 5th)

  • Discipleship (March 12-April 2)

  • Easter (April 9)!

Then we will move into a longer conversation on the Life of Jesus (in the gospel of Mark), where we will find many of these threads come together. Let’s continue the adventure!

Grace and Peace,