Join us for a live gathering at Community Park Sunday, May 9th! Click here for details. Digital Gatherings will continue streaming on YouTube.

Reminders for upcoming events

Hello Discovery!

Well, it got chilly in a hurry didn't it! I hope you are enjoying this transition to the fall and to jackets and hot beverages and leaves all over the ground.

With the changing of the season comes more changes for us as well. We have two more In Person Gatherings at Bet Haverim and then we will celebrate Advent together online. (Stay tuned, we have some great stuff planned for Advent).

In the meantime, treasure these final two Sundays in the Redwood Grove. I know I will. There is some rain potentially coming through this week, but Sunday looks clear. Check your email and socials for any last-minute changes.

Finally, we have two great events coming soon, and a few days left to RSVP for both. Forward Together: A Faith and Justice Workshop is coming next Monday night (11/16 at 7:00 pm on Zoom). Let the team know you will be coming by filling out this short form!

Finally, our Year End Examen Retreat is Saturday November 21, and we are needing your RSVP by this Saturday (11/14). 

In the midst of all the craziness, God is still very much at work in and through Discovery and I am grateful to be on this adventure with each of you.

Grace and Peace,