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Transformation in the Wilderness

Therefore, return to your God,
Observe kindness and justice,

And wait for your God continually. 
Hosea 12:6 NASB

As we continue our conversation on the life of David, we join David in entering the wilderness: a place of uncertainty and even danger. But over and over again, God leads people into the wilderness for a purpose. The purpose may be mysterious, but it holds the potential for transformation.

I can’t help but see the parallels as we continue on in our Pandemic Limbo. 

Meanwhile, we have another Church in the Park coming up soon. Join us at one of 4 parks on the last Sunday in July. Sign up here!

We kicked off School of Theology and had a blast getting this conversation started. It’s not too late to join, so if you want in email me and I’ll send you some stuff to catch up.

May God meet you in your waiting.

Grace and Peace,