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Year End Notes

2019 has been a year of growth in clarity about our mission as a church.  We are a community that exists to help people discover the good news of Jesus. We are seeing the fruit of this in baptisms, lives transformed, and in our church serving in all sorts of new ways.

Let me share a few specific wins from 2019:

  • We added Grace Cooper (Children’s Ministry Director) to our staff team 
  • Sent a team to San Diego to learn from Kaleo Ministries
  • Started serving locally with partner organizations in Davis and Woodland
  • Continued serving our city through the 4th of July Family Fun Field
  • Adopted 5 families through STEAC’s holiday family adoption program
  • Had four people go through our initial foray into an internship program
  • Launched new discovery groups and are in the process of multiplying two more groups
  • Hosted 200 students for free student lunch
  • Supported a variety of amazing mission work locally and around the world
  • And, we are working on a developing partnership with a ministry in Honduras (stay tuned!)

You all have contributed to this good work in so many ways. I am humbled by how much time, energy, blood, sweat, tears, and prayers you put into making our community a place where the good news of Jesus is discovered and shared!