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Important Leadership Transition

Dear Discovery family, We know that transition is a part of life, but here at Discovery we also understand it is the way God builds His church throughout the world. Over the past fifteen years Discovery has not only prospered in spite of transition, we believe we have prospered because of transition. God has continually blessed our open-handed attitude towards resources a...

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"I'm In" For Families

As you may be aware, we are currently without a staff person directing Discovery Kids. This Fall both of our Kids Co-Directors have stepped down from their staff positions. Robin Leach, who has served faithfully as Kids Administrator, is planning to invest more deeply in her own middle school age kids. Taylor Blessum, has recently been blessed with a classroom teaching pos...

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Where will your family be 10 years from now?

I was thankful to enjoy a bit of family vacation over the summer. We took a little road trip up to Portland, and while there we visited Mt. Hood. I realized there were at least two ways to visit Mt. Hood - you could take the forest road up to Timberline Lodge and enjoy a nice, scenic destination for the family mini-van. Or... you could attempt to summit the peak. Needless ...

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Discovering Sabbath

Hi Discovery, Last Sunday I shared on the life-transforming, hope-filled principle of Sabbath. LISTEN Sabbath is not a law to obey, but a gift to enjoy. Biblical Sabbath is a twenty-four-hour period when we STOP work, enjoy REST, practice DELIGHT, and CONTEMPLATE God. I promised you I would share some more notes and resources that may help you grasp the meaning and pract...

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Praying For UC Davis

We are dedicating this week to pray for the beloved university at the center of our city. During meetings together and in your family and personal prayers times, please join us in praying for: Students Taking Finals Graduating. This week nearly 30,000 undergrads are studying and taking exams. Pray for them! And as undergrads and grad students finish degrees, pray for...

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Don't Invite... Bring

Right now we are making a pretty big deal about Easter. We hope that you will bring someone with you to one our biggest celebrations of the year. But getting people to fill our seats on Easter, or any other Sunday for that matter, is not our ultimate goal. When we encourage you to bring someone with you to church, we really have two major goals. #1. We hope to equip and e...

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What Is Discipleship?

What is Discipleship? Discipleship. We hear this term a lot in the church. For some, we think of a class. Others, a one-on-one study for several weeks, sitting down with a trusted mentor. Some of us think of Bible study, others maybe think of missions. Some of us may be completely unfamiliar with this term. Discipleship is ultimately the process of learning to follow Je...

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Who Leads the Church?

Discovery Christian Church seeks to organize itself in a way that best leads to the spread of the gospel here in Davis and out into the surrounding area. A part of this organization is our church leadership structure, namely our elders, staff, and deacons. It is our belief that a biblical form of church leadership appoints elders to oversee the church. Elders are called to...

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